CartoCreative is a shop where creativity and graphic design meet a burning passion for cartography.

Our story began in high school, when we met at a school for the arts. We immediately connected and talked about starting our own business where we could create affordable art people would be proud to hang in their homes. This dream has been developing over our ten years together and has now become a reality.

In university, I studied commerce and urban planning while my boyfriend and business partner did a double major in graphic design and cartography, completing his thesis in Italy.

Home barely long enough to repack our bags, we quickly began our globetrotting adventure. We taught English throughout Asia, road tripped across North America, backpacked through Europe, and helped build habitats in Africa, before returning to Ontario, Canada.

Upon our return, we began creating maps and skylines reminiscent of our adventures. In May of 2013, we participated in an artisan market and our work was a huge success. After completely selling out of prints within an hour, we decided it was time to open an Etsy shop and started building it that night.

We continue to create each map and skyline lovingly by hand, revisiting past memories and being introduced to destinations we have yet to discover. Each new city, offers a new place for us to explore. We digitize every print so that they can be customized to represent the connection each person has with a location, whether that be with a quote, a specially placed heart, or a path of their first date.

 We are dedicated to creating high quality products and offering the best customer service.